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[- XJ -] Playful Summer Package

  • include : VCA Earrings & Dress
  • available for :
  • Two recolorable channels (both
  • Female-YA/Adult
  • sims3pack formats

»> Download «< (my blogspot)

Hope you like >3< and thanks my tester !! ❤❤❤

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Followers Gift: Fairlie Residence by Daturaobscura

Lot Info:

  • 15x10 lot
  • Furnished: §32,452
  • Unfurnished (minimal cc): §12,899
  • 1 bedroom/1 bath


  • Uni, IP, Showtime, Supernatural
  • Aurora Skies for bathroom wall pattern

In the .rar folder there are some .package files you will need to place in your mods folder. House is packaged as  .sims3pack.  Also included is a Please Read.txt with additional info on the lot as well as my TOU.

Many many thanks to all the wonderful creators for their lovely CC!!

Thank you to all my followers!  Enjoy!



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[hippysims] SkaterSkirts

So basically there is now over 300 of you following me. That makes me insanely happy so I decided to add a few pretty overlay to this super cute skirt by pixicat. I take no credit for the mesh, or the images. They all belong to their rightful owners. Anyways, Enjoy!

Download: box // mega

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